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Safe Learning,

from kindergarten through to upper secondary school

Safe Learning is an organization working to promote and develop a healthy and positive psychosocial learning environment and restorative justice throughout the entire course of education, from kindergarten through to upper secondary school. The organization began as the network organization Norwegian Forum for School Mediation (NFFS) in 2009 and became a formal organization in the fall of 2011. In the fall of 2013 NFFS changed its name to Safe Learning for two reasons. The primary reason for the name change was to expand our target audience beyond primary school to include the entire course of education from kindergarten to upper secondary school. For the second reason, it was necessary to highlight that the focus of Safe Learning is as much about preventative work as it is about conflict resolution.



Head of Department Etterstad High School.

Gunhild Solem


Special education teachers. Managing Director of Safe Learning.

Mari Andrine Holen


Sigrid Houg

Ellen Sletten

Minority counselor IMDi at Lørenskog high school.

Ellen Mari Sletten

Felix Muhirwa

Associate Professor Kuben High School.

Felix Muhriwa


Sonja Kathrin Lunde

Eva Aarrestad-Eriksen

Advisor Hersleb High School.

Eva Aarrestad-Eriksen



Bjørn Arthur Berntsen



Knut Storberget

County Governor of Innlandet, former Minister of Justice.

Kristin Schultz

Leader of Elevorganisasjonen (the Student Organization)

Inger Haug

First lecturer and researcher, Hedmark University College

Ellen Rykkja Gilbert

Senior adviser protection, unit for humanitarian values and international law, Norwegian Red Cross.

Ingrid Kristine Hasund

Associate professor University of Agder, senior researcher at the Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ABUP), Sørlandets hospital

Ida Hydle

Professor and researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Research on Growth, Welfare and Aging (NOVA), Professor II at the University of Tromsø

Espen Marius Foss

Associate professor at the Department of Health and Welfare, Østfold University College

Per Andersen

Senior consultant in the Directorate of Prison and Probation

Bodil Jenssen Houg

Head of student-, learning and bullying in Viken.

Knut Petterson

Judge in Oslo District Court


Safe Learning works to spread knowledge and understanding about the principles and methods of restorative justice that are used by mediation boards, in school mediation as well as mediation efforts on the streets.

Safe Learning offers counselling and courses to new schools and kindergartens that want to implement programs for restorative justice in their own organizations. The implementation of restorative practices includes pupils, students, kindergarten children, employees, parents and management. The goal is to build a foundation based on harmony, friendship and a safe inclusive environment where the seeds of bullying, harassment, violence and racism do not have the opportunity to grow.

Trygg Læring is a member of the Nordic incubator for social innovation, SoCentral, which has its office space at Sentralen  i Oslo.

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